Saint Bonaventure
High School

Student Life: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

We're meeting on Thursday, September 22, in the GYM at 11:40 a.m. Please join us for Food, Fellowship, Prayer, and Growth in God's Word.

Special Guest Speaker will be Mrs. Constance Hahn Black, Undergraduate Degree from Stanford U., and Graduate Degree from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. She lived in Chicago the last 40 years as Moderator at the Union Christian Church in Hinsdale, IL., Trustee of the Chicago Theological Seminary, and 30+ years in Lay Christian Ministry to the Cook County Jail and Illinois State Prison, sharing her Christian faith, teaching the prisoners, and helping their families in the inner city of South Chicago.



Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Values:

1. Integrity-We demonstrate Christ-like wholeness-privately and publicly.

2. Serving-We model Jesus' example of serving.

3. Teamwork-We will express our unity in Christ.

4. Excellence-We will honor and glorify God in all we do.

Proverbs 17:17  -  "A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES"

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