Saint Bonaventure
High School


The objectives of athletics are:

  1. To provide a school program in which all students may participate.

  2. To create a sincere school spirit shared by the student body and faculty.

  3. To give an opportunity to every student to develop competitive spirit and physical skills.

St. Bonaventure High School is a member of the Southern Section of the California Inter-scholastic Federation (CIF).


  1. Athletes must observe all regulations that exist in the current edition of the CIF Blue Book.

    ***A member of a high school team may not, during his or her season of sport, compete for an outside team in the same sport. A season of sport is defined as that period which begins with a student's first interscholastic competition (non-league, tournament or league game) and ends with that student's last interscholastic contest (non-league, tournament, league or CIF-SS playoff).

  2. All participants must be examined and pass a physical given by a doctor.

    Certification of this examination must be on file in the Athletic Director's Office. This is done on a yearly basis.

  3. All football participants must carry insurance, this must be obtained through the school. No waivers will be accepted. Certification of insurance coverage must be on file in the Athletic Director's office. This is done on a yearly basis.

  4. All athletes must maintain a 2.0 grade point average. A student who falls below a 2.0 at a quarter grading period will be placed on probation, but may still participate in sports. If the student fails to bring up the grade point average to at least a 2.0 by the semester, he/she is considered ineligible.

  5. Athletes must exhibit a satisfactory conduct record as determined by the disciplinary policies of the school. An athlete must maintain Citizenship Honors, not losing more than 20 points in a quarter. Losing more than 20 points will mean being suspended from the team until points are earned back. Being suspended from school may also result in a mandatory ineligibility period from sports as determined by the administration.

  6. Students must be in school for at least three periods in order to be eligible to play in a game or to practice on that day. Any student who arrives in school after the first three periods is ineligible to participate in any after-school activities on that same day.

  7. Any student who participates in one sport for more than one-half of the scheduled games and leaves the team for any reason other than injury is ineligible to participate in the next scheduled sport until the previous sport season is completed.

  8. A spot earned on a team for one year is not a guarantee for any following year a student tries out for that sport. Students are encouraged hone skills and to work on conditioning during the off-season within the C.I.F. guidelines.
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