Saint Bonaventure
High School

ACADEMICS: Non-Departmental

Office Aide (1 semester)

Prerequisite: Accuracy, responsibility, typing preferred.

The office aide assists with filing, typing, record keeping and miscellaneous duties as directed by office personnel. Office aide must be in uniform at all times, and have had no disciplinary action taken.

Teacher Apprentice (1 semester)

This aide assists teachers in a particular subject matter and tutoring students.

Off Campus Studies

Prerequisite: Parental permission, school permission based on an evaluation of attendance and conduct, GPA of 2.5 or better, and availability of desired classes. Some college classes have prerequisites that high school students may not be able to meet.

Certain seniors (no more than 15%) may elect to take classes at one of the local Community Colleges such as Ventura College. Students must take 5 classes per semester at SBHS and one class at Community College. Normally students are dismissed after period 5. Application forms are available from the Dean of Curriculum.

Regional Occupation Program

This vocational program is offered free by the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Office, and provides entry-level job skills to Juniors and Seniors in county schools. Most of the training takes place at the Camarillo Airport, with free bus transportation to and from schools. The instructors train students in a shop area using tools and equipment similar to those found in industry; most students also do free on-the-job training in local shops, offices, or businesses. Successful students receive a Certificate of Proficiency and help in finding a job.

St. Bonaventure students take classes three days a week from 1:15 to 4:30. They receive ten units of credit per course. Students are required to take a minimum of five classes at SBHS. Classes offered include: Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Auto Body Repair, Auto Painting, Auto Service, Bank Teller, Computer Business Applications, Construction Technology, Dental Assisting, Electronic Assembly, Fashion/Retail Merchandising, Floral Design, Graphic and Commercial Arts, Production Printing, and Welding. Application is made through the Dean of Curriculum.

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