Saint Bonaventure
High School


Math IA/1B (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Demonstrated need for additional work in math skills as seen through placement test results and student records for grades 7 and 8.

Math IA/B is a non‑traditional course which emphasizes problem solving strategies. Students learn problem solving skills. This course is activity-based. Upon successful completion of Math 1 students qualify for Algebra 1 CP or for Plane Geometry. This DOES NOT fulfill a UC or CSU requirement.

Algebra 1CP (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Score of ninth grade level on mathematics section of the high school placement test or successful completion of Math I with approval of the math department.

Algebra 1CP is a college preparatory course which provides the student with basic algebra skills in preparation for courses in Geometry CP and Algebra 2 CP.

Plane Geometry (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Completion of Math I or Algebra 1CP.

Plane Geometry covers topics of geometry including the properties of circles, triangles and polygons. The course stresses the numerical aspects of geometry; it prepares the students for further study in mathematics, but omits the study of formal proofs.

Algebra Advanced (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Qualifying performance on mathematics sections of the high school placement test or a special qualifying test administered by the mathematics department.

This course applies a more challenging approach to the topics of Algebra 1 CP. The student works at a more accelerated pace and covers the topics in greater depth.

Geometry CP (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Two semesters of Algebra 1CP with a minimum mathematics GPA of 2.0, or successful performance on a geometry prognostic test.

This course covers the properties of triangles, squares and circles. In addition, it includes basic definitions and their ramifications, and the development of reasoning powers, and the skills involved in proof-writing and problem-solving. This course also includes coordinate geometry.

Geometry Advanced (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra Advanced with an “A” or “B”, or Algebra CP with an "A" and a pre-determined score on a geometry prognostic test.

This course covers the basic topics of geometry in depth. Coordinate geometry and transformations are included.

Intermediate Algebra (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra and Geometry with minimum math GPA of 2.0.

This computer-based course covers advanced algebra topics but at a slower pace than Algebra 2CP.

This course does not satisfy the UC and CSU math requirement.

Algebra 2CP (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Completion of two semesters of Algebra 1CP, two semesters of Geometry CP and a math GPA of 2.5 or better, along with the approval of the math department.

This course covers algebraic skills including exponents, factoring and challenging thought problems. Also stressed are problems involving fractions, rates, scientific notation, synthetic division and quadratic formula, as well as the study of functions.

Algebra 2/Trig (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: “A” or “B” in Algebra Advanced and Geometry Advanced or approval of the math department.

This is a course in advanced algebra and trigonometry. It is designed to cover all topics of Algebra 2CP and one semester of Trigonometry in one year. It prepares students for advanced studies in mathematics, and in particular Calculus AP.

Statistics (2 semesters) Grades 11 and 12

Prerequisite: Two years (four semesters) of high school mathematics.

This course is for students needing or desiring a third or fourth year of mathematics. The course includes the study of frequency distributions, graphs, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, the normal distribution, probability distribution and analysis of time-series.

This course meets the math requirement for UC and CSU.

Trig/Pre‑Calculus (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra 1CP, Algebra 2CP, Geometry CP, or approval of math department.

This course covers the study of trigonometric functions and their graphs, trigonometric identities and triangles. Additional topics include exponential functions, logarithmic functions, vectors, conic sections, polar coordinates and graphing, the concepts of limits and introduction to derivatives.

Calculus AP (2 semesters)

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 2/Trig with an “A” or “B” or Trig/Pre‑calculus with an “A” and approval of the math department.

This course is a college-level calculus class designed for senior students and those in the honors mathematics program. Students learn differential and integral calculus in preparation for the Advanced Placement Calculus AB test which may result in receiving college credits.

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