Saint Bonaventure
High School

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It is my privilege to welcome you to our Seraph Family!

Come see what Saint Bonaventure High School is all about!  We have outstanding academic and athletic programs that have helped students get accepted to top colleges and universities across the country.  Our dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly to see that our students are being prepared not just for getting into college, but succeeding in college.  Special attention is given to be sure we are inspiring and empowering our young men and women to be contributing members of society, with faithful service to God and our country.  

Here, you will find a wonderful student body that have created a sense of family and community. Here you will embark upon a new journey as you enroll in great courses and participate in competitive academic clubs, meaningful Christian service and higher learning through Catholic Education.  Here you will find a home.

Our core values are:  Living Faith, Engaging Hearts, Enlightening Minds, Achieving Excellence and Transforming Lives.  These values are vital to every person who has experienced this high school as a student, as a member of our faculty or as a parent who sacrificed to send their sons and daughters here.  It is because of these values that we believe in Catholic Education, spiritual development and social justice. 

The education at Saint Bonaventure High School, in the spirit of our patron St. Bonaventure, works from a stance of accountability, transparency and simplicity.  It promotes peacemaking and engages the work with an attitude of justice. It strives to repair God’s house through social responsibility. 

It is a great time to become a Seraph!  Come and experience a culture that is in constant pursuit of distinction in academics.  Come and find people who manifest their core values through a life of citizenship and service.  Come and find a community who strives for “Excellence in Everything”.

God Bless,

Mrs. Christina Castro

Class of ‘86


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