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Student Life: asB Constitution & Bylaws

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We, the members of the Associated Student Body of Saint Bonaventure High School, in order to develop students of high moral and spiritual caliber, establish a high quality of citizenship, promote high standards of scholarship, encourage close harmony among the student body, the administration and the faculty, and in order to unify the students in a cooperative and constructive organization, do establish this constitution for the Associated Student Body of Saint Bonaventure High School.

Article I: Name
We, the students of Saint Bonaventure High School, have resolved to adopt as our name, "Associated Student Body of Saint Bonaventure High School."

Article II: Membership
All eligible students and faculty members shall constitute the members of this organization.

Article III: Source of Power

Section 1. Power of Principal
The authority of this organization is derived from the principal of this high school. All appointed and elected members are subject to his approval. The principal shall appoint an advisor to Student Council, all classes, clubs and organizations on campus.

Section 2. Power of Students
All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in the Associated Student Council of Saint Bonaventure High School.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1. Elected Officers
The elected officers of the Associated Student Body (ASB) shall be president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and historian. Each class shall elect class officers that correspond to the ASB officers. Each club must have at least two elected officers.

Section 2. Term
The officers specified in section one shall be elected for the term of one scholastic year.

Article V: Legislature (Cabinet)

Section 1. The Student Council or Cabinet

a. The cabinet shall be composed of the following members: ASB officers (executive board), class officers, and recognized representatives from each club and organization.

b. The legislative powers of the cabinet shall exist for one scholastic year.

c. A cabinet member shall become ineligible if he misses three meetings without presenting a satisfactory excuse to the advisor. Two tardies equals one absence.

d. All decisions of the Student Council must have the approval of the faculty advisor and be submitted to the principal for final analysis before the decision goes into action.

Section 2. Duties and Powers of the Cabinet

a. To pass all legislation required for the best interests of the student body.

b. To determine methods for raising a student body fund and the budgeting of such a fund.

c. To award recognition for outstanding service to Saint Bonaventure High School.

d. To grant charters to organizations under the student body and to suspend or expel such organizations.

e. To release money to organizations under the student body subject to the approval of the principal.

f. To add or amend any by-laws of this Constitution by a three-fourths vote.

g. To represent the classes in the carrying out of all student body sponsored activities and to represent the student body to the classes.

h. To assume responsibility for all student body properties.

i. To provide example and assistance to the student body.

j. To approve all pins, emblems, sweaters, or other forms of identification.

k. To assume all responsibility for any student activity sponsored by Saint Bonaventure High School or ASB.

Section 3. Meetings

a. The Cabinet shall meet at a specific time, at least once a month.

b. All members, including the president, have the right to one vote on all measures.

c. A quorum shall consist of one-third of the voting members of the Cabinet.

d. Vacancies shall be filled by the President with the consent of the advisor and the majority of the Cabinet.

Section 4. Eligibility Requirements

a. All cabinet candidates and officers shall have an average grade of "C" in the semester preceding their candidacy and shall not have received more than seven points off their Honor Card each quarter.

b. No student credited with less than one semester in Saint Bonaventure High School (exception - freshman class officers) or with more than a total of ten semesters in high school shall be eligible for a cabinet office.

Article VI: Amendments

Section 1. Proposal or Ratification
Amendments to this constitution may be proposed by two-thirds majority of the Executive Board or by a petition signed by not less than thirty percent of the qualified voters of the Associated Student Body and approval by the principal and Cabinet.

Section 2. Adoption

a. Amendments may be adopted through ratification by a two-thirds majority of the Cabinet, provided such a proposal has been discussed in a previous Cabinet meeting.

b. Amendments can be adopted through ratification by a two-thirds majority of the qualified voters of the student body, provided that the written notice of such has been posted at least one week prior to voting.

Article VII: Adoption of Constitution
This Constitution shall take effect when ratified by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Student Council at a meeting called for that purpose.