Saint Bonaventure
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Admissions: Admission to SBHS

Students are eligible for the ninth grade provided they have successfully completed elementary and junior high school requirements and have demonstrated the ability to be successful in high school. An incoming ninth grader must take the High School Placement Test and have the recommendation of his/her Principal and eighth grade teachers. Admission is determined by 8th grade report cards, placement test results and recommendation from his/her current junior high school. If need be, an interview will be scheduled to determine admission. Placement into freshman advanced courses is determined by the placement test scores and/or a subject readiness test, scheduled on an alternate date.

Students who apply for admission into grades 10, 11 or 12 are required to present an official transcript and attendance records from the high school previously attended and have a personal interview with Saint Bonaventure Administration. Admission is determined by transcripts of good academic standing, the parent/student interview, the student's desire to attend and space availability.

Parents of students who wish to apply to Saint Bonaventure for the 2021-2022 school year can apply online by clicking HERE. If you would like to request admissions information or have any questions about the admissions process please contact Mr. Palomares, Director of Marketing & Outreach at (805) 648-6836 x124.

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